Sixth Grade Curriculum

Language Arts
Reading & Literature
Read at instructional level
Read independently
Word analysis
Variety of literature: classics,
    contemporary, multi-cultural
Literary elements: rhyme, rhythm,
    figurative language
Analysis of media: reliability
    and accuracy

Vocabulary and usage
Discussion and usage
Present reports
Christian drama: audience awareness,
Parliamentary procedure
Conduct interviews and surveys

Assigned words
Organized study plan
Spells correctly in written work
Critical thinking: fact versus opinion,
    persuasive words, nonverbal clues

Composition, Reports, Stories, Poetry,
    Journal, Diary, Plays
Parts of speech: abstract and concrete
    nouns, auxiliary and perfect forms of
    verbs, indefinite, interrogative
    pronouns, adverbs,: place, time,
    manner, degree, intensifier,
    propositions, subordinate conjunctions
    and interjections
Sentences: complex, implied subject,
    direct and indirect objects,
    independent and dependent clauses
Punctuation: bibliography, letter parts,
    introductory word or phrase, direct
    address, appositive, subordinate

Study Skills and Reference
Note taking and outlining
Concordance and index
Dictionary and Thesaurus

Social Studies
God's involvement in events
Map and globe skills
Resources of the world
Cultures of the past and present
Greece and Rome, Middle Ages and Renaissance
Countries and cultures of the Eastern
    and/or Western hemisphere, Latin
    America and Canada
Religious influences
Exploration: pre-Columbian
Revolutions and governmental changes
Twentieth Century
Lands and people
Economic systems


Careers, impact on jobs
Software selection and manuals
Electronic advances
Logo, list, handling sound, music
Ethics and commercial programs
Modem, Fax, Bulletin boards, Networking
Keyboarding: technique, accuracy, speed
Block, copy, move, fonts, graphics
Newspaper layout and graphs
Update records, sorting, report preparation

Directories: copy and delete files, change
    menu, organize, alphabetize, prioritize

Life of Christ
Parables and teachings of Jesus
Miracles of Jesus
Death and Resurrection
Disciples then and now
Christian witness and service

Realism and abstractions
Interpreting feelings and ideas in art
Hue, Values, Intensity
Positive and negative space
Create designs
Acquaintance with artists' lives and their works
Fabric comparisons: color, texture, design
Media experimentation
Collage, paper mac he', block prints, enlargements
Proportions and perspective
Organic and inorganic
Elements and principles of design
Creative lettering
Print making
Construction and assembly 3-D
Still life
Color combination
Color wheel
Complementary colors
Graduated value scale
Architectural forms



Physical Education
Motor skills: team sports, track, lead-up
Fitness: testing, agility, running and
    jogging, cardiovascular endurance
Positive attitudes: self-worth,
    self-control, patience, responsibility
Concepts: strategies, history, current
    sports events
Interpersonal skills: cooperation,
    sportsmanship, leadership, respect

Sixteenth notes, triplet patterns
Sight reading
Major scales
Cadences IV-I, VI
Composers and their compositions
First and second endings
Sharp, flat, and natural
Tonal qualities of human voice
Classical period: music and hymns
Descriptive music
Early Advent hymns
Classroom singing

Converting common fractions to decimal
Factoring: prime and composite
Geometric figures and angles,
    classification and measurement
Fundamental operations of whole
    numbers, fractions, decimals, and
    mixed numbers
Problem solving and application
Percent: meaning of and problems using
Concepts of similarity, angles,
    congruence, and symmetry
Statistics: mean, media, mode, sampling

Science & Health
Man's uniqueness in creation
Skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems
Sense organs
Integumentary and excretory systems
Circulatory and respiratory systems
Earth's moving crust
Volcano's and earthquakes
Weathering and erosion
The Biblical flood
Rocks, minerals, and soil
Digestion and nutrition
Substance abuse
Safety and first aid
Electricity and magnetism