2017-2018 Tuition & Fees

Entrance Fees:                               

Early Registration                                $269 (May 31)                      $294 (June 30)           

CAES must receive your $100 non-refundable deposit and completed application by date above to be eligible.

Regular Registration                           $319

Entrance fees cover the cost of textbooks, lab fees and library/music materials for your student.

Mid-Year Registration                         $189

Students who start half-way through the school year will pay a reduced registration rate.

Tuition Rates:  

(must be 4 ½ by September 1)
 Annual Semester   Monthly (Aug-May)
Half-Day     $2,590     $1,295        $259 
Full-Day   $2,990 $1,495   $299
Full-Day plus Stepping Stones ECC*   $3,440  $1,720  $349 (Sept-May)
*Rate includes unlimited before and after school care (non-school days and holidays are excluded)



Grades 1st-8th   Annual   Semester Monthly (Aug-May) 
Non-Constituent Rates                          
1 Child      $3,990  $1,995   $399
2 Children    $7,778  $3,894 $778
3 Children    $11,570 $5,785    $1,157
4 Children $15,360 $7,680 $1,536
Constituent Rates*  
1 Child    $2,990           $1,495     $299
2 Children   $5,780  $2,840     $578
3 Children $8,570  $4,285 $857
4 Children $11,360 $5,680 $1,360

*The constituent rate is available to those who are members of a constituent church (i.e. Caldwell Adventist Church, Nampa Adventist Church or Gem State Academy Adventist Church).

PLEASE NOTE: Families on the monthly payment plan must make their first payment by August 15 and their last payment by May 25. Monthly payments are due on or by 10th of the month. Late fees may be assessed on past due accounts. Diplomas and transcripts will not be released until past due accounts are paid in full. Tuition is prorated for students entering school after September 1 or leaving before May 1 based on a per day rate.  Financial aid is available through our Worthy Student Fund. You can apply online for financial aid, but please first download the informtional brochure about the financial aid process below. Please see the Business Manager for assistance.

Tuition Discounts

  1. Pay the year in full up front and receive a 3% discount off your tuition.
  2. Pay the entire semester in full up front and receive a 2% discount off your tuition.
  3. You will receive a $5 credit on your monthly statement if your bill is paid in full by the 1st of the month (this only applies to those on a monthly payment plan and excludes the Stepping Stones ECC plan).
  4. Only one discount type per school year may be applied.

Lunch tickets are $3 per meal and are available to purchase in $24 increments on student’s lunch account.

Before and After School Care is available at the rate of $2.50 per half hour per child between 7 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Or unlimited Before and After School Care (non-school days excluded) can be added to any student tuition plan for an additional $50 per month per student (Sept-May only). These charges will be billed to your account.
Unlimited Before & After School Care Agreement
Financial Aid
To apply for financial aid, visit www.smartaidforparents.com and enter our school ID code #91134. There is a $35 processing fee and some supporting documents are required. See the link below to learn more. Once your application is process, a financial aid recommendation will be forwarded to us. All final financial aid decisions, including notification of an award amount (if any) will be made by the school. The whole process typically takes two weeks. The deadline to apply for financial aid for 2017-18 is August 1, 2017.
Download the Financial Aid brochure here.

Financial Policies
Families are expected to honor their signed financial agreement and to pay according to its terms. Families will receive a monthly financial statement about their account. Should a financial problem arise that needs special consideration, it is the family’s responsibility to notify the school business manager and/or principal as soon as possible. Only accounts in good standing will be eligible for financial aid. Accounts that are past due will be assessed a finance charge unless other payment arrangements have been made with the business manager.

Delinquent accounts will be handled according to the steps outlined below:

1.       Accounts that are 45 days past due will be asked to meet with the business manager and/or the principal to discuss the situation. The business manager will work with the family to create a new payment plan to keep the account in good standing. After the new payment plan is in place, a second delinquency in the same school year will make a student(s) subject to suspension from the school until the account has been reviewed by the finance committee for further action.

2.       Accounts that are 90 days past due and not in good standing will be asked to meet with the finance committee to develop a reasonable repayment plan. Failure to meet with this committee when scheduled will result in immediate suspension from the school and a letter of demand for full payment or further collection action will be taken, and the student will not be allowed to return to school until the account is paid in full.

3.       Accounts that are 120 days past due and not in good standing will be sent via certified mail a pre-collection letter with a 30-day due date to respond by. If no response or payment is received within 30 days, the account will be sent to a collection agency.

Refund Policy
Refunds will be issued upon request only. The request must be received within the school calendar year they were originally paid. All transactions that are more than 180 days old are not eligible for a refund. Some events and fees are non-refundable, including registration deposits, field trips, and hot lunch tickets. iPad deposit refunds must be requested within two weeks of the last day of school.

Late Fee Policy
Payments received after the 10th of the month are subject to a $10.00 late fee.